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Production Flexibility

The Marine, Construction and Industrial markets historically have fluctuated significantly. The ability to adjust production capacity to changing customer needs without increasing manufacturing costs is one of Mota’s strengths.

Our organization composed of efficient and multipurpose workers who are intervening on several flexible production lines gives us this adaptability. This is also thanks to our own CAM software allowing us to adjust rapidly our production capacity according to the market evolution and to fullfil the new logistics conditions that we may propose to our customers.

Alain Gatineau, Engineer, Project Leader

Operations Structured to Maximize Production Flexibility

Mota’s operations processes are structured to allow change-over and set-up tasks to be completed off-line without interrupting serial production minimizing the cost impact of these steps on smaller volume runs.

Organization Structured for Reactivity

    Project review

From the design group to the production floor, Mota’s organization is set-up to allow it to react quickly to changing customer demands while still meeting project deadlines.

Automation for productivity

    MOTA machining FMS

Mota’s automated machining lines allow continued operation beyond the manned portion of the day to fully utilize the machines capacity while minimizing labor costs.