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Four key competencies distinguish Mota’s design capabilities:
- Accuracy of thermal calculations and predictive analysis
- Full cooling system sizing, lay-out and design capability
- Integrating production process considerations up front in the design
- Simulation tools to eliminate the need for repetitive re-designs

Thermal Calculation Accuracy

Mota utilizes thermal calculation predictive software that was developed in-house. It has undergone continuous improvements over several decades to refine its correlation accuracy to cooler performance and is a critical tool for delivering accurate system calculations in the design phase.

"Our customers confirm that the figures given are to be shown on the application. That is the proof of the reliability of our thermal calculation".

Pierre Dupont, Engineer

Most Optimized Solutions Start with Design

By being involved in the early sizing and lay-out of the complete cooling system, Mota has a proven record of achieving highly integral solutions. This approach is able to minimize total package size, reduce system complexity and achieve the most competitive system cost.

Simulation Tools for Cost Optimization

Mota utilizes a full range of simulation tools to design new components in the most efficient manner possible.

FEA and CFD allow for new designs to meet the system requirements while achieving the smallest package size, least total weight and most competitive cost solution.

Tailor-made Coolers

    Mining truck cooler

Marine environment, dust, very high temperatures: you have specific constraints. The MOTA Team studies, designs and manufactures the cooling system adapted to your needs.