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An orderly process for project management

Mota’s efficiency in not only evident in its design and manufacturing capabilities, but is also seen in its orderly and robust project management system.

The continuous exchanges between MOTA and the Engineering Departments of the engine manufacturers in the automotive field have very rapidly and deeply instilled the organization culture for planning and control. Even though MOTA is a human-sized company it works according to the most severe industrial methods.

Established reputation as a reliable company

It is indeed the clients who say that:

"We can rely upon the MOTA’s Team. One shot, good shot: is not only for MOTA a pure expression but a reality".

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"Our customers have definite schedules for tests and production launch. For these reasons it is our responsibility to provide a just-in-time customized system. So, we work closely with the Engineering Department of our customers. We also use methods for planning and product control such as the "Advanced Product Quality Planning" (APQP), which is in force in the automotive field".

Eric Herrero, Engineer - Project Leader