Cooling systems for demanding customers

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A famous business concern

Mota was created in 1958 to support engine manufacturers and began its specialization into cooling systems in 1970. As it steadily grew, an Italian foundry was purchased to increase capability in this key component for Mota products.

In 1984, Mota received its first North America contract followed shortly by contracts for supply to the Japanese market. Mota continues to receive praise from its customers globally for its innovative and creative design solutions as well as its highly capable manufacturing processes.

Mota was awarded the MALCOLM BALDRIDGE AWARD with honors for its sound corporate and quality management practices. This has further increased Mota’s global presence and today over 90% of its production is exported outside France.

Demanding customers

Mota supplies leading engine manufacturers around the globe, delivering quality on par with the automotive industry.

Through innovation, constant pursuit of new solutions, its years of experience and ever-increasing knowledge, continuous improvement to its manufacturing processes and its highest level of quality services Mota has become a leading supplier worldwide micro_logo...

Structured for Medium Volume

Mota has specialized in mid-range volume production ranging from a few hundred pieces to tens of thousands annual volume.

An industrial structure focused at this level and a focus on highly automated production processes ensure the highest quality product is delivered at these volumes.

This allows Mota’s products to deliver the right solutions for the markets it serves.

Cooling improvement for less rejection

    Stationary application

" A well-cooled engine breathes better and rejects less. The heat exchanger is the heart of the commercial battle for cleaner engines. It is a strategic issue for our customers, and therefore for us. Our team is working every day to develop and propose solutions for ever more efficient cooling».

Francois Rochat , R&D Engineer