Cooling systems for demanding customers

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Design and manufacture of cooling systems for vehicles

Mota teams have the expertise necessary to design complex parts including other components than the oil cooler itself. All functions linked to oil are integrated such asfiltration, pressure and flow regulation

The design of the system takes place in close collaboration between MOTA and his customers Whatever the size of the series, methods and logistics quality standards applied by Mota are close to those of the automotive industry.

In-time deliveries

MOTA organization allows just in time deliveries using EDI system

Integrated solutions

MOTA propose integrated solution gathering several functions with the taget to reduce cost and facilitate assembly on the customer assembly line.

Specific solutions when the mass production cooler is not suitable

Motorists tend to standardize their production and thus use of high volume components. Specific applications require higher performance or suffer space constraints or specific use. The solutions proposed MOTA adapt perfectly to all these constraints. They provide a robust solution to a very competitive price.

The Selection of Technology

    Transmission oil cooler with valve

This type of heat exchanger is fully suitable for the engine oil treatment as the oil flows between the housing and the tubestack. Oil can therefore be accessible for:

Temperature, pressure measurements.

Fluid filtration...

Control : pressure switches, thermostats...

Mota has involved a foundry, F.B.A., aiming at enhancing appropriate adjustments needed for this kind of applications.