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Cost and quality

Mota focuses on delivering highly reliable product solutions while keeping cost competitive. Three key elements of Mota’s production management make this possible:

- A quality system in compliance with the highest industrial standards.

- An extremely streamlined production processess.

- High flexibility capability for utilizing its production capacity

Further, the way production is organized and structured enables further reductions to manufacturing lead times allowing Mota to meet ever-tighter delivery schedules (+)...

Simulation Tools

Mota utilizes simulation software such as Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to optimize the design process and eliminate multiple design cycles which might otherwise add significant cost and timing to new projects.

Living Quality System

All team members in the design and development process utilize an integrated quality system which Mota has developed internally. This allows the system to be highly tailored for Mota’s products and processes as well as continually updated and improved by Mota’s IT staff for continuous improvement.


Quality and Price

"One shot, good shot"

    MOTA ISO 9001

"The high quality level of our cooling systems is due to the systematic application of this principle".

The "one shot, good shot" ability is one of the key factor for the success of the company.

Anticipate to get a proper design

    Final element analysis

By modeling with the help of Finite Element Analysis, our engineer and technician teams are trained to forecast the behaviour of the most complicated pieces before their realization.

The Customer audits prove it: MOTA is recognized as a label of quality for processes

    MOTA robot lines

The investment of robust and automated equipment is a pledge of the sustainable development of the company.

Sébastien Robardey: Manufacturing Methods Manager.